Conor Meade is a proven, effective, and recognized thought leader at the intersection of economics, innovation, and public policy. He has led consulting and research projects for Canadian and global leaders in business innovation such as Innovation, Science, and Economic Development (ISED) Canada; TEKES Finland; The Asian Development Bank; National Research Council (NRC) Canada; Invest Ottawa; and Communitech. He has contributed interviews, panel appearances, and op-ed features to media outlets including Research Money, the Canadian Science Policy Centre, and CBC Radio. He feels a bit odd writing about himself in the third person.

This website is an informal collection of the information I’ve created or consumed. Its primary goal is to help me organize my thoughts by posting book summaries and short blog posts, but you might get some value from it if you share my interest in economics, psychology, human rationality, effective altruism, and the socioeconomic impacts of disruptive technology.

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