Cigar Rankings (Ongoing)

I enjoy cigars, but I know basically nothing about them and I don’t smoke them often enough to. So when I buy them, I inevitably just ask the clerk for a recommendation in the low- to mid- price range, and blindly follow it.

With the goal of increasing my knowledge and enjoyment of cigars, I’m creating this post as an evergreen collection of notes and mini-reviews of cigars I’ve smoked. Whenever I smoke a cigar, I’ll post the name, price range, and my subjective enjoyment of it. If you’re looking for true expertise and discernment, look elsewhere.

Miraflor Maduro (March 2018) Probably not a great cigar, based on price, but I don’t really know enough to make the judgement. I think I’ve smoked better cigars. Tasted bitter, harsh, and ashy. I still enjoyed the smoke, but I probably won’t try these guys again.

CAO La Traviata (March 2018) Had interesting flavours, but did not entice. May be localized, but this cigar had some bitter flavour, a sort of grassy off taste. Can’t put my finger on it, but wouldn’t recommend. I have 1 more that I picked up, will know more when I try another.

Don Tomas Maduro (April 2018)